He was a dictator who tortured and killed his people

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi—Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are an internet lurker you probably would’ve seen photos like the one below about pre-revolutionary Iran. I come across them very often on Reddit, the caption of these photos usually says: Iranians will regret overthrowing the Shah for a long time, or revolution is not always a good thing. The purpose of these photos is to show that Iran under the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a thriving society.

Let's find out

Alexander the Great — Source: Wikimedia Commons

When the world’s greatest conqueror, Alexander the Great, died his vast empire started to crack from within. It wasn’t clear who should succeed him because Alexander had no heir. His generals fought for control over different territories. All of his generals wanted to keep his body in their territory. His body was important as it represented the legitimacy and power of a ruler.

Alexander died in Babylon in 323 B.C, he remained buried there for two years. In 321 B.C., his general Perdiccas arranged for his body to be transferred to Macedonia in a grand way. The carriage that carried…

She was an assistant to Hitler’s dentist

Käthe and Professor Hugo Blaschke operate on Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels — Source: erenow.net

Käthe Heusermann was born in Berlin to a middle-class family. She was interested in studying dentistry and hoped to become a dentist one day. In the early 1930’s she started to work for a Jewish dentist. But the dentist fled Germany when the Nazi party came to power. After that, she started working for Dr. Hugo Blaschke who would soon become Adolf Hitler’s personal dentist. For the next decade, she would tend to Hitler’s teeth with Dr. Blaschke. Along with Hitler they also treated Eva Braun, Hitler’s wife.

When the Soviet Army reached Berlin in 1945, they were desperate to…

It took one year to prepare the party and it cost about $500 million

Tent city of Persepolis surrounded by gardens — Source: Pinterest

Throughout history, monarchs have organized events with the utmost luxury and spent a lot of wealth on them. These events would show their wealth, power, and influence. But in 1971, the Shah of Iran would take it to another level and by organizing a party that would be dubbed as the biggest party ever.

The party would be attended by kings, queens, princesses, sultans, emirs, presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, and ambassadors of many countries. The world had never seen so many world leaders gathered at the same time at the same place.


There wasn’t a venue in Iran that…

The Soviet Union told the world for a decade that Hitler was alive

Hitler’s body
Hitler’s body
Hitler’s body / Source — Mirror.co.uk

When the Red Army reached Berlin in 1945, Stalin ordered them to find Hitler as soon as possible. A medal was promised to the person who would capture Hitler. In the following weeks, the Allies would fight the remaining German troops block to block and building to building.

Finding Hitler

The task of finding Hitler was given to three Soviet officers who would conduct an investigation across Berlin to find the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler. During their investigation, the agents through German prisoners found out that Hitler had shot himself. But it couldn’t be proved as there was no dead body.


I cheated in all of my high school exams, now that I am in college I am still cheating

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

I was a good student till middle school, among the top 5 of my class, although I have no idea how I did that. After 8th grade, I stopped studying for exams and haven’t done it since.

I come from a country that has suffered greatly since its inception in 1947. We have fought four wars with one of our neighbors, though I don’t know who won those, I doubt anyone does. And for the past two decades, we’ve been fighting against terrorism which has killed over 50,000 of my countrymen. Our economy is in turmoil and our education system…

He saved 669 Jewish children from Nazi Germany

Sir Nicholas Winton in 1939 — Screenshot from a video / Source Wikimedia Commons

Nazi Germany committed many atrocities against Jews before and during World War 2 (WW2). Very few people did something to save the lives of innocent Jews, and among the few was Sir Nicholas Winton. For 50 years, the world wouldn’t know that he had saved the lives of 669 children from the Nazis.

Winton was born to a Jewish-German family who moved from Germany to England in the early 1900s. He was a successful stockbroker in London and lived a happy life. Winton had been involved in social work since his early life.

In 1938, just before WW2, Winton had…

The slave Gannibal was the great-grandfather of poet Alexander Pushkin

This portrait was initially believed to be of Gannibal but later proved otherwise — Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Throughout history, many enslaved people became notable personalities one such personality was Abram Petrovich Gannibal. Abram was born in 1696 in modern-day Cameroon though it is debated among historians. Some say his birthplace is the highlands of Ethiopia and some conclude that he was born in modern-day Eritrea.

Becoming a Slave

Gannibal was born to a noble African family and was a son of a prince. His father owned many slaves and was in the business of trading slaves with the Ottoman Empire. In those days, African slaves were a big business in Europe and the Ottoman empire. At the age of eight…

The recent blockage of the canal by the cargo ship Ever Given is not the first time the Suez Canal stopped operating

Ships anchored in the canal — Source: opindia.com

The Suez Canal is an important waterway for global trade, as it decreases the distance for ships by 8,900 km and also saves ten days. The blockage of the canal even for a day affects the global economy. The Ever Given cargo ship which was recently stuck in the Suez Canal only took six days to clear out. But in the late 1960s, a fleet of 15 ships was stuck in the canal for eight years.

The Six-Day War

In 1967, when the Israeli forces invaded Egypt, they occupied the Sinai peninsula in a few days and reached the eastern part of the…

By 2050 39% of the population will be over 65, that’s around 500 million people, more than the entire population of the U.S.

Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash

Since the beginning of time, humans have faced many problems which have threatened their existence, the current problem is that of the aging population. An aging population is bad for any country, as it means more retirees governments have to pay, and fewer young people there will be to pay taxes.

Many developed nations are facing the problem of an aging population, and China is becoming one of them at a very fast pace. The median age of an average Chinese person will move upwards from 38.4 in 2020 to 48 in 2050. An aging population is going to affect…

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